Monday, July 20, 2015

Ordinary Blessings

for Annie,
on the 8th Anniversary of our first meeting

We arrive at the sink
                at the same moment
        from the workshop
       from the garden
scrubbing the grit from our fingertips
                smiling in each other’s eyes.                          
We agree on sudden changes
                in our plan for the yard
arriving at the same conclusion
                at the same moment
                         with almost no discussion.
We agree on changes
      in our plan for the yard
arriving at the same conclusion
after fierce disagreement
                and finally                          
We sip coffee and tea on the deck
                feeling the cool morning breeze
We sip wine on the deck
                feeling the cool evening breeze
We laugh at the machinations of the many
                quail families
                as their babies peck at the dirt
                beneath mom and dad’s guardian eyes.
We mourn over a crow’s destruction
                of a wren nest in the pergola.
We begin and end the day with kisses
still lavish them
              alone in elevators
                         or on the street
                             or in a restaurant.
We get out the door together
                 on time
                      or early
We savor food, books, our bodies,
                    yes our bodies
              their capacity for pleasure
              their capacity as instruments of spiritual fire-making
              their capacity to affirm
                              with a mere touch
                                that we are something
                                          real in a world that often isn’t.     
We savor imaginings, memories, wonderings
       …would we have met if this had happened, or that…
and celebrate
                that they didn’t
                                 and we did.
We rub each other’s shoulders and feet
                   hold hands everywhere
admire and cherish
                   each other’s spirit
                                 and intelligence,
engage in outrageous silliness
                     which if revealed to the public
would tank our reputations as serious people.
We actually listen to hear
           and speak to be heard
                   most of the time.
We manage to hold each other
                     at some point
                            every single day
in spite of, and sometimes because of,
                     long-lived childhood despairs.                      
In the movie theater’s darkness
      we clutch each other’s hands
                               and weep
over lost loved ones
                          inexplicable acts of courage
                                  unrecognized genius
               the all too human
                               inhumanity of man.

When we get a splinter
bang an elbow
           stub a toe
                     bump a head
when we feel the ache of muscles,
            the wearing of joints
               --pain in the hands
when we contemplate together
           the long look back
                 and the ever-shortening
when we witness demon diseases
         drawing down the shades
                                in the cells
                              of family and friends
…then we know
               the usual search for miracles
                                 is misguided
because each moment
  no matter how
               freighted with feelings
                     falling far short of joy
is miraculous
          is life
                 living itself
           standing strong and bending before its own wind
                 illuminated and blinded by its own light
                       instructed and frightened by its own darkness
                            mesmerized by its own music                           
                                --the sound of tears joining rain
every nuanced moment
               --even the uncounted
                              certainly uncelebrated ones
               --and every ordinary breath
                                 a blessing.

C Bob Kamm 2015

July 16.

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